Bro. Aaron
Vice President
Bro. Donald L.
Wright, Jr.
2nd Vice President
Bro. Louis
Monk III
Recording Secretary
Walter Myles
Business Manager
Bro. Curtis
Garrett  Jr.
Dir. Social Action
Bro. Aubery
Bobb-Semple Jr
Bigger & Better Bus.
Bro. Vincent
Fields, Sr.
Bro. Shaun
Corresponding Secretary
Bro. Andrew
Dir. Education
Bro. Ivan
Recording Secretary
Bro. F. Lafon 
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On Saturday November 11th the Bothers of the Zeta Sigma Chapter gathered for their inaugural Zeta Sigma Expo. At this event that took place from 1-5pm, brothers came together to fellowship and hear more about the work that the chapter does. We especially took time to invite brothers that were in the area but inactive or that were recent graduates of undergraduate chapters that had not connected with a graduate chapter. Several brother joined committees, and joined the chapter as a result of this innovative event where over 100 brothers attended.
2022-2023 Executive Board

The Brothers of the Zeta Sigma, Baltimore Alumni Chapter, took over Houston for our 2023 International Phi Beta Sigma Conclave.

In addition to getting the business of Sigma done, Zeta Sigma is humbled to receive several international awards and acknowledgments:


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