The program focuses on providing a variety of services to alumni and collegiate members of the Fraternity, which in turn translates to services to local communities. In-house programs include providing scholarships, conferences, college fairs, mentoring and tutoring at loThe cal, regional, and national levels. Our Educational Initiatives are listed below:

  • #EDUCATION1914

Educational Stakeholders of the Eastern Region please ensure that you highlight any and all educational activities and programs on Social Media utilizing the #EDUCATION1914. Include pictures and descriptors because as a wondrous band it is Mission Critical that we increase our visibility in the communities that we serve as testament to the oath we took and the commitment in our collective hearts. We as educated men of Sigma have a duty to serve as a buffer and vanguard of the communities that we service against the coming uncertainty and expected difficulties of the new presidential administration. We have to be PRESENT in our communities and PROMOTING the culture for service that we all hold so dear; increase of the #EDUCATION1914 is an affirmative step toward that desired result. The Eastern Regional Director of Education is looking for an explosion of educational reporting utilizing #EDUCATION1914. The Region is looking to award two chapters (one graduate and one collegiate) with a monetary award and recognition at our upcoming Eastern Regional Conference for the chapters that utilize the #EDUCATION1914 to highlight and showcase their educational events and service to the community through our Adopt A School and/or Scholarship initiative. Become the model chapter by publicizing your events this fall! More details to follow during the upcoming State Meeting Season.


Formalizing a partnership between Sigma chapters and local schools. Empowering disadvantaged youth through programming, fundraising, and advocacy. Providing opportunities for short-term structured mentorship. Encouraging collaboration across Sigma’s four program areas (Sigma Beta Club, Bigger and Better Business, Social Action, and Education).In order to assist our chapters in their Adopt-A-School program, we are offering $500 Regional grant funding to assist in the cost of a program that they are currently executing or planning to execute at their Ado



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